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Volume 45 - Number 2 - 2010


A modification to the von Bertalanffy’s growth equation to include the effect of the temperature on the growth of Haliotis rufescens for aquacultural use

Eduardo P. Pérez1,2


1Departamento de Biología Marina, Facultad de Ciencias del Mar, Universidad Católica del Norte, Casilla 117, Coquimbo, Chile

2Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas, CEAZA, Raúl Bitrán s/n, La Serena, Chile




Biological information, available in specialized journals, was used to reinterpret the growth pattern of Haliotis rufescens as temperature dependent. Von Bertalanffy growth curves (VBGF) using age and length experimental data under five different temperature regimes gathered in Iceland was obtained. Using these VBGC an inverse relationship between culture temperature and average maximum length (L) was established. Furthermore, an inverse relationship between L and Brody coefficient (K) was evident. Then, using L, K and the growth performance index (Φ’) a general VBGF was fitted, which it does Ltemperature – dependent, while K is dependent from Lvalues. Finally, using ancillary information, the modified VBGF including the temperature effect on the H. rufescens growth pattern could have a more generalized application. New growth estimates are required to give more robust use to the modified equation is proposed


Key words: Available information, reanalysis, latitudinal pattern



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