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Volume 44 - Number 1 - 2009


Population structure, abundance, distribution and habitat use of Caiman crocodilus fuscus (Cope, 1868) in the Via Parque Isla de Salamanca, Colombian Caribbean

Sergio A. Balaguera-Reina1 y José F. González-Maya1


1Proyecto de Conservación de Aguas y Tierras, ProCAT Colombia, Calle 127B # 45-76 Bogotá, Colombia




We analyzed the population structure and distribution of Caiman crocodilus fuscus in the Vía Parque Isla de Salamanca (VIPIS), which is considered an important protected area for this species in the country. A total of 82 individuals was registered in 12 lagoons and three creeks, covering a total of 119,02 km for each monthly sampling, with an observation mean of 21,50 ± 7,12 individuals per survey. Mean density for lagoons was 0,063 ± 0,057 ind. ha-1 and 1,37 ± 1,218 ind. km-1 for creeks. Population structure distribution was: 36.59% for class I, 53.66% for class II, 8.54% for class III and 1.22% for class IV. There was no relationship between presence of Caiman c. fuscus and vegetation type (P=0.64). Results indicate that the population of Caiman c. fuscus is distributed along the entire study area; however, it is possible that they are still subject of extraction and exploitation by nearby communities. Efficient exploitation controls, population monitoring, vigilance and protected areas adaptive management could be the best option for the long-term conservation of the species


Key words: Caiman, density, population structure, national parks



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