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Volume 44 - Number 1 - 2009


Life history parameters of anchoveta Engraulis ringens Jenyns, 1842, in central north Chile

T. Mariella Canales1 y Elson Leal1


1Departamento de Evaluación de Recursos, Instituto de Fomento Pesquero (IFOP), Blanco Encalada 839, Valparaíso, Chile




In the central north of Chile (25°00'S-32°10'S) an anchoveta fishery (Engraulis ringens) operates on a small scale. In spite of being controlled by total allowed catches, the life history parameters used to estimate its abundance remain unknown. We estimated the basic biological parameters as growth, maturity and natural mortality for anchovy inhabiting the Chilean central north. The von Bertalanffy parameters were an annual growth rate (k) of 0.91 year-1, asymptotic length (L) at 18.72 cm, and age at zero length (to) of -0.01 year. The maximum value of the gonadosomatic index in September and the high frequency of mature stages between July and December, support that the main spawning period of anchoveta in the area would occur from August to October of each year. The mean maturity length (Lm50%) was estimated at 12.5 cm and the natural mortality (M) was 1.30 year-1. The biological parameters of E. ringens located in central north of Chile are in concordance with the life history characteristics of small pelagic fish


Key words: Growth, maturity, natural mortality



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