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Volume 45 - Number 3 - 2010


Dinophysis spp. associated to detection of diarrheic shellfish toxins (DSTs) in mollusks and to human diarrhoetic disease episode (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)

Eugenia A. Sar1,2, Inés Sunesen1,2, Andrea S. Lavigne1,3 y Alejandra B. Goya4


1División Ficología, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Paseo del Bosque s/n, 1900 La Plata, Argentina

2Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, CONICET, Argentina

3Dirección Provincial de Pesca, Ministerio de Asuntos Agrarios de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Calle 51 esquina 12, Torre 1, piso 7, (1900), La Plata, Argentina

4Departamento de Toxinas Marinas, Laboratorio Regional Mar del Plata, Centro Regional Buenos Aires Sur, SENASA, Aviso Dorrego y Víctimas del 46, (7600), Mar del Plata, Argentina




During January and February 2010 lipophilic shellfish toxins were detected in two bivalve species from Villa Gesell and Mar Azul (Argentina) by the mouse bioassay method and potentially toxigenic species of Dinophysis were consistently found with densities of the order of 103 to 104 cell l-1 in the phytoplankton. Additionally, three cases of human gastrointestinal illness associated with the consumption of cooked wedge clams (Donax hanleyanus) collected in Villa Gesell were reported. The consumed shellfish was positive for lipophilic toxins by the mouse bioassay and the human diseases were consistent with diarrhoetic shellfish poisoning (DSP). This is the first record of detection of an outbreak of diarrhoetic shellfish poisoning associated to the presence of Dinophysis species in Argentina. The species identified were Dinophysis acuminata and D. caudata, previously associated to the detection of diarrhoetic toxins in clams (Mesodesma mactroides), wedge clams and mussels (Mytilus edulis) from the coastal waters of Uruguay


Key words: Dinophysis acuminata, Dinophysis caudata, phycotoxins, diarrhoetic shellfish poisoning (DSP)



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