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Volume 37- Number 2 - 2002

Toxicity of diesel-oil in the first larval stage of the southern king crab (Lithodes santolla) and false southern king crab (Paralomis granulosa)

Oscar Amin & Laura Comoglio


Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC – CONICET) CC92 (V9410BFD), Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina



Lithodes santolla (commonly named “centolla”) and Paralomis granulosa (“centollón”) are the most important commercial fisheries in Tierra del Fuego and diesel-oil represents one of the more often transported hydrocarbons into Ushuaia Bay. So that the aim of the present work was to evaluate the acute toxicity of the water soluble fraction of diesel oil (LC50-96h) on the first larval stage (zoea I) for both species and the effect on the molt (zoea I–II) of Lithodes santolla analyzing the molt success and the mean lifetime of the zoea I stage.
The results obtained (LC50-96 h) show that zoea I of L. santolla was more sensitive than P. granulosa (p<0.01). While at sub lethal concentrations the water soluble fraction of diesel oil affected the molt success, but not the mean lifetime of L. santolla zoea I. At higher concentrations than 29% no zoea I reached the next larval stage.
Others sublethal effects such as failure to swim after 24 h of exposure were observed in both species in concentrations higher than 13%.


Key words: diesel-oil, Lithodes santolla, Paralomis granulosa, larval stage, toxicity



1Laboratorio de Zooplancton, Instituto de Ciencias del Mar y Limnología,Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. A. P. 70-305, 04510 México, D. F. México
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