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Volume 41 - Number 1 - 2006

Table of contents



Temporal variability of the estuarine macrofauna of the Patos Lagoon, Brazil (Article in english)

Leonardo C Rosa and Carlos E Bemvenuti

abstract 41 (1): 1-9

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Site Fidelity of Humpback Whales ((Megaptera novaeangliae Borowski, 1781) to the Magellan Strait feeding ground (Article in spanish)

Jorge A Acevedo, Anelio Aguayo-Lobo y Luis A Pastene

abstract 41 (1): 11-19

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Relation between Blidingia minima (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) and environmental factors at Punta Maqueda (San Jorge Gulf, Argentina) (Article in spanish)

Susana G Perales y Alicia L Boraso

abstract 41 (1): 21-33

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Ichthyoplankton composition and variability of the laguna El Quelele, Nayarit, Mexico (Article in spanish)

María del Carmen Navarro-Rodríguez, Luis Fernando González Guevara, Ramiro Flores-Vargas, María Elena González Ruelas y Fátima Maciel Carrillo González

abstract 41 (1): 35-43

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Broodstock management and induced spawning of flounder Paralichthys orbignyanus (Valenciennes, 1839) under a closed recirculated system (Article in english)

Gabriel A Bambill, Masakazu Oka, Mariela Radonić, Andrea V López, Mónica I Müller, Juan J Boccanfuso and Federico A Bianca

abstract 41 (1): 45-55

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Cytogenetic characterization of the silverside fish Odontesthes regia (Humboldt, 1833) (Teleostei: Atheriniformes: Atherinopsidae) from Iquique, Chile (Article in english)

Carlos Muñoz, Mauro Nirchio, Julio E Pérez, Ernesto Ron Claudio Oliveira and Irani A Ferreira

abstract 41 (1): 57-62

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Copepod community structure in Magdalena Bay, Mexico, during El Niño 1997-1998 (Article in spanish)

Gladis A López-Ibarra y Ricardo Palomares-García

abstract 41 (1): 63-76

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Digital color correlation for the recognition of Vibrio cholerae 01 in laboratory and environmental samples (Article in english)

Rosa R. Mouriño-Pérez, Josué Alvarez-Borrego and Cristián Gallardo-Escárate

abstract 41 (1): 77-86

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Spatial and seasonal distribution of the hermit crab Pagurus exilis (Benedict, 1982) (Decapoda: Paguridae) in the southwestern coast of Brazil (Article in english)

Andrea L Meireles, Mariana Terossi, Renata Biagi and Fernando L Mantelatto

abstract 41 (1): 87-95

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Effect of the marine algae Sargassum spp. on the productive parameters and cholesterol content of the brown shrimp, Farfantepenaeus californiensis (Holmes, 1900) (Article in spanish)

Margarita Casas-Valdez, Guillermo Portillo-Clark, Noemí Aguila-Ramírez, Sonia Rodríguez-Astudillo, Ignacio Sánchez-Rodríguez y Silvia Carrillo-Domínguez

abstract 41 (1): 97-105

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First record of an elephant fish (Chondrichthyes, Holocephali) in Ecuadorian waters during an ENSO event (Scientific note in english)

Kelly Swing and Philippe Béarez

abstract 41 (1): 107-109

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First record of Hydrolagus pallidus Hardy & Stehmann, 1990 (Chondrichthyes: Chimaeridae) in the Pacific Ocean, with comments on Chilean holocephalians (Scientific note in spanish)

Isabel Andrade y Germán Pequeño

abstract 41 (1): 111-115

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Echinorhinus cookei Pietschamnn, 1928 (Chondrichthyes: Squaliformes, Echinorhinidae), first record in El Salvador waters, Tropical Eastern Pacific (Scientific note in spanish)

José R Rojas, Claudia I Fuentes y Numa R Hernández

abstract 41 (1): 117-119

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Relative abundance of penaeid shrimp postlarvae in the Salinas del Marques Bay, Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico. March to June of 1999 (Scientific note in spanish)

Sebastián Ramos-Cruz y Eduardo Ramos Santiago

abstract 41 (1): 121-128

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Identification of platyhelminth parasites of the wild bullseye pufferfish (Sphoeroides annulatus Jenyns, 1853) using invariant digital color correlation (Scientific note in english)

Josué Álvarez-Borrego and Emma Josefina Fájer-Ávila

abstract 41 (1): 129-139

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Ichthyoplankton composition and variability of the laguna El Quelele, Nayarit, Mexico (Article in spanish)
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