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Volume 41 - Number 2 - 2006


Table of contents




Spatial distribution and shell utilization in three sympatric hermit crabs at non-consolidated sublittoral of estuarine-bay complex in São Vicente, São Paulo, Brazil (Article in english)


Bruno S Sant’Anna, Cilene M Zangrande, Álvaro L D Reigada and Evandro Severino-Rodrigues

abstract 41 (2): 141-146

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Mass stranding of Argonauta nodosa Lightfoot, 1786 (Cephalopoda, Argonautidae) along the Uruguayan coast (southwestern Atlantic) (Article in english)


Mario Demicheli, Ana Martínez, Leonardo Ortega, Fabrizio Scarabino, Susana Maytía and Alvaro Demicheli


abstract 41 (2): 147-153

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Evaluation of the antioxidant response of Chiton granosus Frembly, 1928 (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) to oxidative pollutants (Article in spanish)


María E Hidalgo, Ernesto Fernández, Alicia Cabello, Cristian Rivas, Flavia Fontecilla, Lorena Morales, Alvaro Aguirre y Enrique Cabrera


abstract 41 (2): 155-165

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Heavy metals in marine organisms from the coastal zone of Continental Argentine Patagonia (Article in spanish)


Mónica N Gil, Américo Torres, Miguel Harvey y José Luis Esteves

abstract 41 (2): 167-176

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Seasonal abundance and spatial distribution of Mysidacea in Southern West Atlantic, Bahía Blanca Estuary (38º42’- 39º26’S and 62º28’- 61º40’W) (Article in spanish)

Natalia V Cardelli, Patricia M Cervellini y María C Piccolo

abstract 41 (2): 177-185

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Cysts and nauplii biometry characteristics of seven Artemia franciscana (Kellog, 1906) populations from Mexico (Article in english)

Jorge Castro, Thalía Castro, Jesús Sánchez, Germán Castro, Araceli Castro, Juana Zaragoza, Ramón de Lara and Maria del C Monroy

abstract 41 (2): 187-193

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Temporal variation in the diet of the red ling, Genypterus chilensis (Guichenot, 1881) in the coast off Talcahuano, Chile (36º32’S - 36º45’S) (Article in spanish)

Javier Chong, Karina Sepúlveda y Christian M Ibáñez

abstract 41 (2): 195-202

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Efficiency of co-feeding red porgy (Pagrus pagrus L.) larvae with live and compound diet (Article in english)

Eddie O Aristizábal and Julieta Suárez

abstract 41 (2): 203-208

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Oxygen consumption, growth and food utilization during the larval development of red porgy Pagrus pagrus (Linné 1758) (Pisces: Sparidae) (Article in spanish)

Eddie O Aristizabal

abstract 41 (2): 209-220

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Estimation of the natural mortality rate of Farfantepenaeus californiensis (Holmes, 1900) and Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), in the coastal zone of the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico (Article in spanish)

Sebastián Ramos-Cruz, Blanca Sánchez-Meraz, Fleury Carrasco-Ayuso y Pedro Cervantes-Hernández

abstract 41 (2): 221-229

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Occurrence of Sphoeroides rosenblatti Bussing, 1996 (Teleostei: Tetraodontidae) along the coast of Guayas Province, Ecuador, and a comparison with sympatric Sphoeroides annulatus (Jenyns, 1842) (Scientific note in english)

Windsor E Aguirre, Virginia R Shervette, Rodrigo Cevallos, Marcelo González and Francisco Pozo

abstract 41 (2): 231-238

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Morphology of the first zoea of the hermit crab Pagurus edwardsi (Dana, 1852), (Decapoda: Anomura: Paguridae) obtained in the laboratory (Scientific note in english)

Jorge Rivera M

abstract 41 (2): 239-244

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First record of Phyllochaetopterus socialis Claparède, 1870 (Annelida: Polychaeta) in Mar del Plata Harbor, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Scientific note in english)

Mariano Albano, Juan Pablo Seco Pon, Sandra Obenat and Gabriel Genzano

abstract 41 (2): 245-248

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First record of the abyssal eel Diastobranchus capensis Barnard, 1923 in the southeastern Pacific ocean (Osteichthyes: Synaphobranchidae) (Scientific note in spanish)

Pablo Reyes y Germán Pequeño

abstract 41 (2): 249-253

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