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Volume 40 - Number 1 - 2005

Table of contents



A review on self-thinning in mussels (Article in english)

Ricardo Guiñez

abstract 40 (1): 1-6

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Distribution of decapod and stomatopod crustaceans from San Jorge Gulf, Argentina (Article in spanish)

Julio H Vinuesa

abstract 40 (1): 7-21

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Description of eggs and early larval stages of the frog fish Antennarius striatus (Shaw, 1794) in captivity, with notes on its mechanism of reproduction (Article in spanish)

Fredy A. Ortiz-Ramírez, Luz M. Mejía-Ladino y Arturo Acero P.

abstract 40 (1): 23-31

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Feeding habits of Lutjanus argentiventris and Lutjanus colorado (Pisces: Lutjanidae) in the north of Sinaloa, Mexico (Article in spanish)

Apolinar Santamaría-Miranda, Mirella Saucedo-Lozano, María Nancy Herrera-Moreno y Juan Pablo Apún-Molina

abstract 40 (1): 33-44

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Seasonal and spatial trends in the mesozooplankton community at pluriannual temporal series in the NW of the Alborán Sea, Spain (Article in spanish)

Christiane Sampaio de Souza, Paulo Mafalda Jr , Soluna Sallés, Teodoro Ramirez, Dolores Cortés, Antônio Garcia, Jesus Mercado y Manuel Vargas-Yañez

abstract 40 (1): 45-54

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Biomass of Ulva spp. (Chlorophyta) in three locations along the bayfront of La Paz, Baja California Sur, México (Article in spanish)

Ruth N Aguila-Ramírez, Margarita Casas-Valdez, Claudia J- Hernández-Guerrero y Alejandro Marín-Álvarez

abstract 40 (1): 55-61

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Zooplankton in the surrounding waters of the Juan Fernández Archipelago (Scientific note in english)

Mario Petrillo, Marina Giallain and Norberto Della Croce

abstract 40 (1): 63-65

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Etmopterus brachyurus Smith & Radcliffe, 1912 (Chondrichthyes, Dalatiidae): first record in eastern Pacific waters (Scientific note in spanish)

Jorge Oñate y Germán Pequeño

abstract 40 (1): 67-70

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First record of Parandalia tricuspis (Müller, 1858) and Sigambra cf. tentaculata (Treadwell, 1941) (Pilargidae: Polychaeta) in Argentina (Scientific note in english)

Julieta R Palacios, Claudia S Bremec, M Silvia Rivero and Rodolfo Elías

abstract 40 (1): 71-75

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Rapid examination of microorganisms in ballast waters (Scientific note in english)

Katia Soto, René Durán and Juan Kuznar

abstract 40 (1): 77-82

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Preliminaries antecedents on the feeding of the tope shark Galeorhinus galeus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Carcharhiniformes: Triakidae) in Central Southern Chile (Scientific note in spanish)

Pablo R Reyes

abstract 40 (1): 83-86

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Variation of gonadal, muscle yield and digestive gland indexes of Spondylus princeps (Gray, 1825) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) at Isla Cedros and Punta Eugenia, Mexico (Scientific note in spanish)

Marcial Villalejo-Fuerte, Arturo Tripp-Quezada y Federico García-Domínguez

abstract 40 (1): 87-90

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