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Volume 37 - Number 1 - 2002

Table of contents



Individual growth and population abundance relationship in the Pacific sardine Sardinopsc caeruleus (Pisces: Clupeidae) (Girard 1856) From Isla de Cedros, Baja California, Mexico (Article in spanish)

Casimiro Quiñonez-Velázquez, Reyna Alvarado-Castillo & Roberto Félix-Uraga

abstract 37 (1): 1-8

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First record of Rhynchoconger nitens (Jordan & Bollman 1890) (Teleostei: Congridae) from off southern Peru. A case of larval dispersal in relation with El Niño? (Article in spanish)

Philippe Béarez, Hugo Treviño & Martín Zambrano

abstract 37 (1): 9-13

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Statoliths descriptions and morphometrics and gravimetrics relationship in patagonian squid (Loligo gahi) (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) (Article in spanish)

Lorenzo A Flores & David E Garland

abstract 37 (1): 15-24

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The community-level response to sewage impact in intertidal mytilid beds of the Southwestern Atlantic and the use of the Shannon index to assess pollution (Article in english)

Eduardo Alberto Vallarino, Ma Silvia Rivero, Ma Carola Gravina & Rodolfo Elías

abstract 37 (1): 25-33

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Application of periphytic bacteria in setting of Argopecten purpuratus Lamarck (1819) larvae in a commercial scallop hatchery (Article in spanish)

Ruben E Avendaño-Herrera, Carlos E Riquelme & Fernando Silva

abstract 37 (1): 35-41

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Temporal change of the phytoplankton between 1993 and 1998 in a fixed station inside Aysén fjord, Chile. (45º26’S 73º00’W) (Article in spanish)

David Cassis, Pablo Muñoz & Sergio Avaria

abstract 37 (1): 43-65

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Composition, Distribution and Abundance of the Utría Inlet Phytoplankton Community, Colombian Pacific (Article in spanish)

Viviana Peña & Gabriel A Pinilla

abstract 37 (1): 67-81

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Phenology of gametogenesis, maturity of conceptacles, fertility and embryogenesis in Durvillaea antarctica (Chamisso) Hariot ((Phaeeophyta, Durvillaeales) (Article in spanish)

Gloria Collantes, Ana Merino & Verónica Lagos

abstract 37 (1): 93-112

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