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Volume 36 - Number 1 - 2001

Table of contents



Reproductive cycle of the spotted rose snapper Lutjanus guttatus (Steindachner, 1869) in the Guerrero coast, Mexico (Article in spanish)

Marcial Arellano-Martínez, Agustín Rojas-Herrera, Federico García-Domínguez, Bertha P Ceballos-Vázquez & Marcial Villalejo-Fuerte

abstract 36 (1): 1-8

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Fishing power, efficiency and selection of gillnets for the shortfin grunt (Microlepidotus brevipinnis Steindachner, 1869), in the southern coast of Jalisco, Mexico (Article in english)

J A Rojo-Vázquez, F Arreguín-Sánchez & E Godínez-Domínguez

abstract 36 (1): 9-14

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Influence of seasonal variables, location and biological and environmental factors on the bioaccumulation of total mercury and methilmercury in Tagelus dombeii (Article in spanish)

O. Díaz, F. Encina, L. Chuecas, J. Becerra, J. Cabello, A. Figueroa & F. Muñoz

abstract 36 (1): 15-29

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Establishment of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and gonads of adult Argopecten purpuratus (Lamarck, 1819) in mass culture (Article in spanish)

R E Avendaño-Herrera, M Dekovic & C E Riquelme

abstract 36 (1): 31-41

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Wind-driven circulation in Bahía de Antofagasta, northern Chile (23° S) (Article in spanish)

R Escribano & P Hidalgo

abstract 36 (1): 43-60

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The humpback whale off the Coast of Ecuador, population parameters and behavior (Article in english)

F Félix & B Haase

abstract 36 (1): 61-74

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Trophic spectrum of orange roughy, Hoplostethus atlanticus (Pisces: Trachichthyidae), in the Juan Fernandez archipelago, Chile (Article in spanish)

J Labbé & Patricio M Arana

abstract 36 (1): 75-82

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Cephalopods Collected In the Crustacean Fisheries from Northern and Central-Southern Chile (Article in spanish)

J C Villarroel, M A Vega & E Acuña

abstract 36 (1): 83-97

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Polychaetes associated with Austromegabalanus psittacus (Molina, 1782) (Crustacea: Cirripedia) on the Peninsula Gualpen, central Chile: Biodiversity and the effect of biological substrate size (Article in spanish)

C E Hernández, G Muñoz & N Rozbaczylo

abstract 36 (1): 99-108

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Lordosis in topsmelt Atherinops affinis (Ayres, 1860) (Teleostei: Atherinopsidae) (Scientific note in english)

J De La Cruz-Agüero & L Perez Gómez-Alvarez

abstract 36 (1): 109-110

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Distribution of Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus, Cuvier 1812) in Chilean waters (Scientific note in english)

C Olavarría, A Aguayo-Lobo & R Bernal

abstract 36 (1): 111-116

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Resolving Chilean dolphin (Cephalorhynchus eutropia, Gray 1846) synonymy by sequencing DNA extracted from teeth of museum specimens (Scientific note in english)

F B Pichler & C Olavarría

abstract 36 (1): 117-121

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