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Volume 45 - Suppl. 1 - 2010

Table of contents



Prefacio (Article in spanish)

Fernando Balbontín y Germán Pequeño

Pág. 1-4

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Ismael Kong Urbina (1942 – 2008) (Article in spanish)

Cecilia Cancino Araya

Pág. 5-7

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Ismael Kong Urbina (1942 – 2008) (Article in spanish)

Roberto Meléndez C.

Pág. 9-11

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Osteology of Hippoglossina macrops (Pleuronectiformes, Paralichthyidae) (Article in spanish)

Héctor Flores y Eduardo de la Hoz

abstract 45 (4): 547-563

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Testing species boundaries between Atlantic and Pacific lineages of the Patagonian rockfish Sebastes oculatus (Teleostei: Scorpaenidae) through mitochondrial DNA sequences (Article in english)

José J. Nuñez, M. Teresa González and Marcos Pérez-Losada

abstract 45 (4): 565-573

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Distribution patterns, larval growth and hatch dates of early stages of the mote sculpin Normanichthys crockeri (Scorpaeniformes, Normanichthyidae) in the upwelling ecosystem off central Chile (Article in english)

Mauricio F. Landaeta, Pedro A. Inostroza, Argiro Ramirez, Samuel Soto-Mendoza and Leonardo R. Castro

abstract 45 (4): 575-588

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Taxonomy and biogeography of the coastal fishes of Juan Fernández Archipelago and Desventuradas Islands, Chile (Article in english)

Brian S. Dyer and Mark W. Westneat

abstract 45 (4): 589-618

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Taxonomic key of the Superorder Squalomorphi from Chile (Pisces: Elasmobranchii) (Article in spanish)

Sylvia Sáez, Germán Pequeño y Julio Lamilla

abstract 45 (4): 619-634

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The Clupeocephala re-visited: Analysis of characters and homologies (Article in english)

Gloria Arratia

abstract 45 (4): 635-657

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Reproductive biology of Graus nigra (Perciformes, Kyphosidae) on the coast of the Northern of Chile (Article in spanish)

Héctor Flores y Andrés Smith

abstract 45 (4): 659-670

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Description of the bony structure complexes in Helcogrammoides chilensis (Blennioidei: Tripterygiidae) of the central zone of Chile (Article in spanish)

Cecilia Cancino, Katerin Farías, Sabrina Lampas, Betzabé González and Victoria Cuevas

abstract 45 (4): 671-682

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Review of the southern hemisphere fish family Chironemidae (Perciformes: Cirrhitoidei) (Article in english)

Roberto Meléndez and Brian S. Dyer

abstract 45 (4): 683-693

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Seasonal variation in fish bycatch associated with an artisanal flounder fishery on Coquimbo Bay, Chile (Article in english)

Sebastián Hernández, María Teresa González, Juan Carlos Villarroel and Enzo Acuña

abstract 45 (4): 695-703

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El Niño induced changes of the coastal fish fauna off northern Chile and implications for ichthyogeography (Article in english)

Walter Sielfeld, Jürgen Laudien, Mauricio Vargas and Mario Villegas

abstract 45 (4): 705-722

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Age, growth and natural mortality of southern blue whiting, Micromesistius australis in the southeast Pacific Ocean (Article in spanish)

Mario Aguayo, Javier Chong e Ignacio Payá

abstract 45 (4): 723-735

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Feeding habits of two deep-sea sharks from central-northern Chile: hooktooth dogfish Aculeola nigra (Etmopteridae) and dusky catshark Bythalaelurus canescens (Scyliorhinidae) (Scientific note in english)

Enzo Acuña and Juan Carlos Villarroel

abstract 45 (4): 737-743

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Preliminary diet analysis of the blue shark Prionace glauca in the eastern South Pacific (Scientific note in english)

Sebastián Lopez, Roberto Meléndez and Patricio Barría

abstract 45 (4): 745-749

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Ovarian activity in Pacific butterfish, Stromateus stellatus in the coast off Biobío Region, Chile (Scientific note in spanish)

Claudio Carocca y Javier Chong

abstract 45 (4): 751-755

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Antennarius avalonis (Antennariidae, Lophiiformes) in the southeast Pacific (Scientific note in english)

Walter Sielfeld

abstract 45 (4): 757-760

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