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Volume 45 - Number 1 - 2010

Table of contents



The microbial community in the coastal upwelling system off Concepción, Chile, 36°S, 2002-2003 period (Article in english)

Yoanna Eissler, Jaime Letelier, L. Antonio Cuevas, Carmen E. Morales and Rubén Escribano

abstract 45 (1): 1-18

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Early stages of Echinoidea in Lagreze Channel, Guaitecas Islands, southern Chile (Article in spanish)

Carlos Molinet, Claudia Herrera, Paulina Gebauer, Mauricio F. Landaeta y Carlos A. Moreno

abstract 45 (1): 19-33

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Functional response of Sagitta setosa (Chaetognatha) and Mnemiopsis leidyi (Ctenophora) under variable food concentration in the Gullmar fjord, Sweden (Article in english)

Odette Vergara-Soto, Danilo Calliari, Peter Tiselius, Rubén Escribano, M. Lorena González and Samuel Soto-Mendoza

abstract 45 (1): 35-42

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Comparative analysis of the gametogenic cycle from Perumytilus purpuratus (Bivalvia: Mytilidae), at the localities of Taltal and Huasco, northern Chile (Article in spanish)

Pablo Oyarzún Cabañas, Jorge E. Toro, Roberto Jaramillo, Ricardo Guiñez, Carolina Briones y Marcela Astorga

abstract 45 (1): 43-58

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Application of multi-specific microalgae biofilm for optimization of the larvae settlement and growth of abalone (Haliotis rufescens) in a commercial hatchery (Article in spanish)

Rubén Araya, Claudia Bahamondes, Karina Barahona y Fernando Silva-Aciares

abstract 45 (1): 59-69

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Fecundity and sex ratio of Panulirus inflatus in the west coast of the Gulf of California, México (Article in spanish)

José Iván Velázquez-Abunader, Marcial Villalejo-Fuerte y Arturo Tripp-Quezada

abstract 45 (1): 71-76

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Spatio-temporal variations of the catch per unit effort in the coastal small-scale fishery of snapper Lutjanus synagris, of the Colombian Caribbean and their relationship with environmental variables (Article in spanish)

Diana P. Párraga, Luis A. Cubillos y Marco A. Correa-Ramirez

abstract 45 (1): 77-88

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Artisanal fisheries in the conservation zones of the Upper Gulf of California (Article in english)

Gerardo Rodríguez-Quiroz, E. Alberto Aragón-Noriega, Wenceslao Valenzuela-Quiñónez and Héctor M. Esparza-Leal

abstract 45 (1): 89-9

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Histological effects of Cu2+ to white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Crustacea: Decapoda) juveniles at low salinities (Article in english)

Selene M. Abad-Rosales, Martín G. Frías-Espericueta, Amir Inzunza-Rojas, Isidro Osuna-López, Federico Páez-Osuna, Rodolfo Lozano-Olvera and Domenico Voltolina

abstract 45 (1): 99-105

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Cross-frontal distribution of inorganic nutrients and chlorophyll-a on the Patagonian Continental Shelf of Argentina during summer and fall (Article in english)

Flavio E. Paparazzo, Laura Bianucci, Irene R. Schloss, Gastón O. Almandoz, Miriam Solís and José Luis Esteves

abstract 45 (1): 107-119

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Cryopreservation of Peruvian anchovy (Engraulis ringens) sperm (Article in spanish)

Christian Catcoparco, Enrique Dupré y Carlos Espinoza

abstract 45 (1): 121-126

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Association between Chrysaora plocamia (Cnidaria, Scyphozoa) and Hyperia curticephala (Peracarida: Amphipoda) in Mejillones Bay, Northern Chile (Scientific note in english)

Marcelo E. Oliva, Alexis Maffet and Jurgen Laudien

abstract 45 (1): 127-130

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Planktonic food and foraging of Eubalaena australis, on Peninsula Valdés (Argentina) nursery ground (Scientific note in english)

Mónica S. Hoffmeyer, María S. Lindner, Alejandro Carribero, Vanesa K. Fulco, María C. Menéndez, Melisa D. Fernández Severini, Soledad L. Diodato, Anabela A. Berasategui, Florencia Biancalana and Eloísa Berrier

abstract 45 (1): 131-139

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Effect of stocking density on survival and growth of larval spotted rose snapper Lutjanus guttatus larvae (Scientific note in spanish)

M. Isabel Abdo-de la Parra, L. Estela Rodríguez-Ibarra, Fernando Campillo-Martínez, Gabriela Velasco-Blanco, Noemí García-Aguilar N., Luis S. Álvarez-Lajonchère y Domenico Voltolina

abstract 45 (1): 141-146

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Evaluation of methods for eliminating egg stickiness of the bullseye puffer fish Sphoeroides annulatus (Pisces: Tetraodontidae) (Scientific note in spanish)

L. Estela Rodríguez-Ibarra, M. Isabel Abdo-de la Parra, Gustavo A. Rodríguez-Montes de Oca, M. Selene Moreno-Hernández, Gabriela Velasco-Blanco, Noemí García-Aguilar y Luis S. Álvarez-Lajonchère

abstract 45 (1): 147-151

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Presence of diarrheagenic strains of Escherichia coli and virulence genes study in isolates from feces of two populations of South American sea lion, Otaria flavescens in Northern Chile (Scientific note in spanish)

Paula Salinas C. , Rubén Moraga M. , Edgardo Santander P. y Walter Sielfeld K.

abstract 45 (1): 153-158

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Morphological and taxonomic studies in Scinaia halliae (Scinaiaceae, Rhodophyta) on the coast of Bahia and Espírito Santo, Brazil (Scientific note in spanish)

José Marcos de C. Nunes y Silvia Maria P. B. Guimarães

abstract 45 (1): 159-164

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Parasite communities of Scartichthys viridis (Pisces: Blenniidae) from Central Chile: locality vs. host length (Scientific note in english)

Pilar Muñoz-Muga and Gabriela Muñoz

abstract 45 (1): 165-169

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Time taken for birthing process and fetus presentation in South American sea lion, Otaria flavescens at Punta Negra, Iquique, Chile (Scientific note in spanish)

Jorge Acevedo y Anelio Aguayo-Lobo

abstract 45 (1): 171-176

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Abnormalities during the embryonic development in araucanian herring, Strangomera bentincki, in natural environment (Scientific note in spanish)

Paulina Vásquez, Alejandra Llanos-Rivera y Leonardo Castro

abstract 45 (1): 177-185

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Comparative morphology of pleopods of Rhynchocinetes typus (Caridea: Rhynchocinetidae) male (Scientific note in spanish)

Rubí M. Martínez y Enrique Dupré

abstract 45 (1): 187-194

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