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Volume 46 - Number 2 - 2011

Table of contents

Dr. Robert H. Clarke (1919 - 2011) (Obituary in Spanish)

Anelio Aguayo-Lobo

Pages 1-2

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Intertidal macromolluscs from the rocky substrata of Buque Quemado Beach,
Strait of Magellan, southern Chile (Article in Spanish)

Cristian Aldea and Sebastián Rosenfeld

abstract 46 (2): 115-124

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Age and growth of dolphinfish Coryphaena hippurus, in the Gulf of Tehuantepec, Mexico (Article in Spanish)

Carmen Alejo-Plata, José L. Gómez-Márquez and Isaías H. Salgado-Ugarte

abstract 46 (2): 125-134

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Behavioral response of South American sea lion Otaria flavescens to tourist disturbance during the breeding season (Article in English)

Guido Pavez, Lily Muñoz, Patricia Inostroza and Maritza Sepúlveda

abstract 46 (2): 135-140

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Distribution and population structure of the crab Halicarcinus planatus
(Brachyura, Hymenosomatidae) in the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego (Article in Spanish)

Mariano J. Diez, Olga Florentin and Gustavo A. Lovrich

abstract 46 (2): 141-155

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Size structured stock assessment of Ensis macha and Tagelus dombeii in the Gulf of Arauco, Chile (Article in Spanish)

Aldo F. Hernández, Luis A. Cubillos and Renato A. Quiñones

abstract 46 (2): 157-176

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Rocky reef benthic assemblages in the Magellan Strait and the South Shetland Islands (Antarctica) (Article in English)

Emma M. Newcombe and César A. Cárdenas

abstract 46 (2): 177-188

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First report of Pseudo-nitzschia brasiliana and P. micropora (Bacillariophycea) found in Cuyutlan Lagoon, Mexico (Article in English)

Sonia Quijano-Scheggia, Aramis Olivos-Ortiz, Juan Heberto Gaviño-Rodríguez, Fátima Castro-Ochoa, María Rivera-Vilarelle, Marco Galicia-Pérez and Manuel Patiño-Barragan

abstract 46 (2): 189-197

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Application of the Lagrangian tracers model in Anegada Bay, Argentina (Article in Spanish)

Laura I. Alvarez, Diana G. Cuadrado and Gerardo M. E. Perillo

abstract 46 (2): 199-206

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Substrate selection of the caprellid Caprella dilatata (Crustacea, Amphipoda)(Article in English)

Mariana B. Lacerda and Setuko Masyunari

abstract 46 (2): 207-218

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Effects of confinement in limited spaces on the growth of juvenile spider crabs,
Maja brachydactyla, and the effect on maturity (Article in Spanish)

Javier Alaminos

abstract 46 (2): 219-230

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El Niño Southern Oscillation and spatial-temporal variability of the nominal performances of swordfish (Xiphias gladius) in the southeastern Pacific (Article in English)

Fernando Espíndola, Eleuterio Yáñez and María Ángela Barbieri

abstract 46 (2): 231-242

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Assemblage of birds in a mussel farm on Chiloé Island, southern Chile (Research Note in Spanish)

Jaime A. Cursach, Cristián G. Suazo, Jaime R. Rau, Claudio N. Tobar and Alberto Gantz

abstract 46 (2): 243-247

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Bathymetric interpretation of the Valparaiso area: comments on the paper by
HP Vergara & R Astudillo, ‘Offshore structural highs of the Valparaiso region, central Chile’ (Research Note in Spanish)

Cristian Rodrigo

abstract 46 (2): 249-255

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Spatial distribution of epiphytes along the thallus of the introduced macroalga,
Codium fragile subsp. tomentosoides in the subtidal zone of Caldera (Research Note in Spanish)

Cristóbal Villaseñor-Parada and Paula E. Neill

abstract 46 (2): 257-262

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Effect of dissolved calcium on the formation of secondary attachment structures in different types of branches of Chondracanthus chamissoi (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales) (Research Note in English)

Ricardo D. Otaíza and Felipe G. Fonseca

abstract 46 (2): 263-268

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Monthly variation in the morphological characteristics of Trichodina sp. (Ciliophora: Peritrichida) found on whiting Merlangius merlangus euxinus (Research Note in English)

Hamdi Ogut and Cemil Altuntas

abstract 46 (2): 269-274

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Pseudopentaceros richardsoni (Osteichthyes: Pentacerotidae) in the southeastern Pacific Ocean: morphometry, parasites and comments about the family in the area (Research Note in Spanish)

Germán Pequeño, Verónica Valdebenito and Gabriela Muñoz

abstract 46 (2): 275-280

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Tempo-spatial variation of macrobenthic communities on a tidal flat of Wenzhou Bay, China (Research Note in English)

Bao-Ming Ge, Yi-Xin Bao and Hong-Yi Cheng

abstract 46 (2): 281-286

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Effect of age and location in the concentration of cadmium and copper in the liver of the Kelp gull Larus dominicanus (Research Note in Spanish)

Maritza Cortés and Guillermo Luna-Jorquera

abstract 46 (2): 287-292

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