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Rev. biol. mar. oceanogr. 46(2): 199-206


Application of the Lagrangian tracers model in

Anegada Bay, Argentina

Laura I. Alvarez1,2, Diana G. Cuadrado1,3 and Gerardo M. E. Perillo1,3

1Instituto Argentino de Oceanografía (IADO - CONICET), CC 804, B8000BFW, Bahía Blanca, Argentina

2Departamento de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Alem 1253, 8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina

3Universidad Nacional del Sur, Departamento de Geología, San Juan 670, 8000 Bahía Blanca, Argentina




In this study we have applied a hydrodynamic numerical model of Lagrangian tracers to study the dispersion and subsequent settlement of particles from two different points of emission. The main objective was to define whether the particles, within the sedimentation period, could be exported out of the Anegada Bay (Argentina). We obtained the distance traveled by the particles, transported by currents induced by the tide and wind, and determined possible settlement areas. It was concluded that particles released from two different points do not leave Anegada Bay boundaries.


Key words: MOHID, modelo hidrodinámico, circulación 



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