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Rev. biol. mar. oceanogr. 46(2): 249-255
Research Note


Bathymetric interpretation of the Valparaiso area: comments on the paper by HP Vergara & R Astudillo, ‘Offshore structural highs of the Valparaiso region, central Chile’

Cristian Rodrigo1

1Departamento Científico, Instituto Antártico Chileno, Plaza Muñoz Gamero 1055, Punta Arenas, Chile 




A submarine alignment at 32º-33ºS offshore within the Valparaiso Region, Chile, is  composed by three peaks at 200, 733 and 880 m below sea level, which were  identified by Vergara & Astudillo (2008) using a bathymetric public data base. This is composed by bathymetry which is estimated by satellite altimetry, and from ship surveys. However, after modeling recent similar data bases and also processing and modeling available multibeam bathymetry with ~100% of spatial coverage, those highs seem to be absent. The apparent creation of bathymetric artifacts would have been due to the inclusion of bad single beam data of a specific ships sounding track. The hypothesis regarding the origin of the alignment associated with the vertical displacement of a block at the outer shelf, would not be valid.


Key words: Satellite altimetry, multibeam bathymetry, continental margin, seafloor features 



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